Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Emergency Foreign Worker Program

Food and beverage is Canada’s largest manufacturing employer, with almost 300,000 workers. The industry is facing a debilitating workforce crisis, with companies across the country reporting vacancies of 20% and more.  Food and beverage manufacturing was already experiencing labour challenges prior to COVID-19, but the strain of the pandemic has exacerbated the situation and the sector now requires an urgent solution.

The inability to secure a strong and stable workforce is impacting food security and economic recovery and is undermining the sector’s ability to support a domestic agriculture and food system.

The Solution 

The food and beverage manufacturing sector needs immediate relief from this labour crisis. Canada’s leading food and beverage manufacturing associations are working together to ask the federal government to implement an Emergency Foreign Worker Program by January 31, 2022, at the latest. This Program should remain in place for 18 months, through to summer 2023, during which time more permanent and long-term solutions to industry’s labour issues should be identified and phased in.

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