Food and Beverage Canada announces changes to its Executive Committee and new Board of Directors

May 12, 2023 (OTTAWA) – Food and Beverage Canada (FBC-ABC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Ted Lawson, Chief Commercial Officer, Nortera as its new Director At Large. He has been elected for a two-year term.

FBC-ABC held its sixth Annual General Meeting on May 9, 2023. A summary of the affairs of the association over the past year can be found here.

Additionally, FBC-ABC is pleased to announce the appointment of Bianca Parsons, Executive Director, Alberta Food Processors Association and David Anyanwu, Director, Government Relations, Cargill to the Board of Directors. Each of them has been appointed for a three-year term.

Since 2018, FBC-ABC has developed into a uniquely effective advocate for the national interests of industry and a significant contributor to federal policies that advance industry goals. The Board of Directors plays a crucial role in ensuring high levels of engagement in policy development and advocacy for the benefit of its members and Canadian consumers.

FBC-ABC’s full Executive Committee includes:

Co-Chair: Mike Bannister, Atlantic Poultry Inc.
Co-Chair: Robert Eiser, Aliments LUDA Foods
Vice-Chair: James Donaldson, BC Food & Beverage
Director at Large: Ted Lawson, Nortera
Treasurer: Kathleen Sullivan, Maple Leaf Foods
Corporate Secretary: Del Rollo, Arterra Wines Canada
Past Chair: Michael Burrow, Maple Lodge Farms