Food and Beverage Canada welcomes commitment from the FPT Ministers of Agriculture to a Canadian Food Industry Code of Practice

July 16, 2021 – Ottawa: Food and Beverage Canada (FBC-ABC) echoes the Canadian Food Industry Alliance in welcoming yesterday’s announcement by Canada’s Federal, Provincial, and Territorial (FPT) Ministers of Agriculture to support an industry-developed code of practice for Canada’s food industry.

Inspired by the FPT Ministers’ November 2020 request for industry collaboration and leadership in safeguarding balance in the food system’s commercial relationships, FBC-ABC has joined several other associations to form the Canadian Food Industry Alliance (the Alliance).

Representing thousands of small, medium, and large businesses in Canada’s agriculture, processing, and retail food sectors, the Alliance has been encouraging Ministers to support a Canadian Food Industry Code of Practice developed in Canada for Canada and by industry for industry, reflecting the unique
elements of Canada’s food supply chain. The Alliance has advised Ministers that, to be effective, the Code of Practice must pan-Canadian, mandatory, enforceable and non-regulated. The Alliance has also recommended a collaborative process for the Canadian food industry to develop, with Ministers’
support, the Code and its enforcement framework over the next 18 months.

FBC-ABC welcomes the FPT Ministers’ leadership in supporting the development of a code that will improve transparency, predictability and respect for fair dealing in Canada’s food system, and in endorsing an industry-led approach to its development as put forward by the Alliance.

“Food and Beverage Canada is proud to have worked alongside our Alliance partners in developing an approach for the creation of a Canadian Food Industry Code of Practice that seeks to unite industry groups in a collaborative and consultative process, instead of dividing them,” said Kathleen Sullivan, CEO
of Food and Beverage Canada. “As this work continues, we encourage FPT Ministers to support industry in leading this process and to embrace the principles and key elements identified in the Alliance’s proposal”.

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The members of the Canadian Food Industry Alliance include: Association québécoise de la distribution de fruits et legumes, Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers (Fédération Canadienne des Épiciers indépendants), Canadian Produce Marketing Association (Association Canadienne de la Distribution des Fruits et Légumes), Food and Beverage Canada (Aliments et boissons Canada), The Quebec Food Processing Council (Conseil de la transformation alimentaire du Québec), The Quebec Food Retailers Association (Association des détaillants en alimentation du Québec), and Retail Council
of Canada (Conseil Canadien du commerce de détail).

The Canadian Food Industry Collaborative Alliance proposal can be found here.