1 18% of total
manufacturing shipments

2 257, 000 direct jobs
for Canadians

3 6,900 food and beverage
processing establishments

4 70% of processed food
and beverage products
available in Canada

5 $112,4 billion
of shipments

6 2% of
national GDP


Ability to access affordable capital to modernize and automate facilities, to enhance scale of production, to improve productivity and to address industry labour shortages specifically with regards to the recruitment and retention of foreign workers;

Market Access

Support for market development better suited to the food processing industry and better access to domestic and foreign markets;

Research, Development and Innovation

Need for programming better suited for the food processor sector, and consistent application of research tax credits;


An environment that facilitates innovation with respect to, for example, the introduction of health claims and novel foods and a level playing field with competitors.