Strategic Plan

The food and beverage manufacturing sector is key to a prosperous Canadian economy. Food and beverage manufacturers are the leading manufacturing sector employer providing jobs for over 250,000 Canadians. Almost 11,000 businesses supply approximately 75% of all the processed food and beverage products in Canada and exports continue to increase with a value of $29.2 billion in 2016. Canadian food and beverage manufacturers are also the largest buyer of food grown by Canadian farmers.

In January 2019, FBC-ABC’s Board of Directors completed the 2019 – 2021 Strategic Plan. This aspirational plan is guiding the organization on delivering membership value, leading effective policy and advocacy, connecting with members and stakeholders, and implementing the right organizational infrastructure for manufacturing business and association success.

To view the 2019 – 2021 Strategic Plan Executive Summary follow this link.

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Canadian Food & Beverage Manufacturers