Food and Beverage Canada urges swift resolution to the St. Lawrence Seaway strike, stresses vital need for long-term contingency planning

October 25, 2023 – OTTAWA: Food and Beverage Canada (FBC-ABC) urgently calls for an immediate resolution to the ongoing St. Lawrence Seaway strike. The ramifications of this disruption, combined with existing inflationary pressures, are placing immense strain on our industry’s ability to sustain a smooth and reliable food supply chain for all Canadians.

The persistent delays in critical inputs resulting from this strike, along with other recent disruptions, jeopardize our nation’s food security. Considering this, FBC-ABC emphasizes the necessity of implementing a robust and comprehensive contingency plan to safeguard Canada’s food system against any future supply chain challenges. Proactive measures are imperative to ensure the uninterrupted flow of essential foods and maintain the stability of our food system.

FBC-ABC will continue to closely monitor this situation.

Media contact:
Kristina Farrell, FBC-ABC CEO