Frontline Food Facts

Frontline Food Facts was created by Food and Beverage Ontario to recognize frontline workers and tell the story of the people who make food for Canadians. The campaign was designed to bolster confidence with frontline workers facing unique pressures due to COVID-19, and to demonstrate the openness of the industry by welcoming consumer questions.
The campaign has an extensive digital infrastructure network in place to drive engagement and is recognizing the workforce with the Nominate a Frontline Food Hero initiative. Visit Frontline Food Facts to learn more.

Taste Your Future

Taste Your Future is a talent attraction and career development program launched by Food and Beverage Ontario in 2016. The program is raising awareness on the variety of rewarding careers in the food and beverage manufacturing industry and connecting leaders in industry, academia and government to support improved education and career pathways. Visit Taste Your Future to learn more.

  • Raise awareness and inform young people, students, new Canadians and second career individuals about jobs in the food and beverage processing industry.
  • Develop networks to strengthen partnerships and collaborations across education and career pathways with industry employers, HR professionals, industry and special interest groups, guidance counsellors, colleges, universities and newcomer/settlement agencies.
  • Collaborate with others leaders in education and career development that are involved in Canada’s food system to provide consistent and high quality messaging to Canadians.
  • Conduct attitudinal research to understand how people view careers in the industry and how best to engage and connect with them.
  • Developing resources for specific audiences such as a career information for school counsellors and teachers and the Stir Up a Career Student Bursary Contest.
  • Create real digital content of people working in the food and beverage manufacturing industry for sharing via the communications campaign.